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Coral Frenzy

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The Coral Frenzy Powis is an excellent food for your corals and filter feeders. The formula has been revised for better nutrition along with the addition of probiotics to help maintain better water clarity. Coral Frenzy is the perfect alternative for those who do not have the time, discipline, or desire to feed live or frozen foods. With a long shelf life, you are assured that it will not spoil like live or frozen foods.  Additionally, probiotics have been added to the improved formulation, with the goal of helping maintain excellent water quality.

Since the beginning, every ingredient is listed on the label, so there is no question of what you are feeding. There are no “secret” ingredients or fillers; what you see is what you get. 

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PARTICLE SIZE 53-2300 - Marine Fish Protein, Salmon Roe, Krill, Paracoccus, Schizochitrium, Arctic Copepods, Spirulina, Artemia, Rotifers, D. Salina, Probiotic blend

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS Crude Protein (min) 53.7%, Crude Fat (min) 18%, Crude Fiber (max) 2.87%, Ash (max) 11.8%, Moisture (max) 6.26%, Omega 3 (min) 5.72 g/100g, Omega 6 (min) 1.02 g/100g, Omega 9 (min) 3.18 g/100gProbiotic Blend: 1,000,000 cfu/g (min) Bacillus Subtilis & Bacillus Licheniformi

FEEDING DIRECTIONS For a 50 gal tank; Mix 1/4 tsp vigorously with a glass of aquarium water and pour into a high flow area or target feed. Feed 2X-3X a week depending on your system's needs. For best results, you should turn off your skimmer. 

  • CONTAINS: Atlantic whitefish protein, pulse protein, menhaden fish oil, phospholipid, marine hydrocolloid
  • NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Protein(Min) 60%; Fat(Min) 15%; Fiber(Max) 1.7%; Ash(Max) 14%; Moisture(Max) 8%; Calcium 2.2%