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The MRB High end Coral Frag Pack includes 5 hand picked frags from our large collection of corals. Each Frag Pack will contain a variety of High end corals (SPS, LPS, and softies) and are available for One Time Purchase or as a Subscription Plan (see details below). Every Frag Pack includes free shipping and can be included when ordering other items.


The High end Coral Frag Pack will have a total of 5 frags equaling a value of over $500 retail.

Subscriptions Plans: 

Unlike the original MRB (where all Subscriptions renew on the first of the month and ship out all together), all Frag Pack subscriptions will renew on the date they were placed. So, if you place your order on the 17th of April your subscription will renew on the 17th of May. We decided to do it this way to minimize shipment congestion and reduce coral handling time. We go into shipping dates in more detail below.


All Coral Frag boxes will be shipped out the following Tuesday from when the order is placed. So if you order your box (or renew your subscription) on a Thursday (example: 9/16), next Tuesday (9/21) your order will ship out. If you prefer to receive your live corals on a different date please contact us.